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Sunday 5th September 2004 2:00am - 6:00am AEST

Joe Satriani's Is There Love In Space?

Not only will we be playing a few tunes from the latest Satch CD, we've got a few copies of it to give away.

That's not all, we've also got a few copies of The Infinite Steve Vai - An Anthology double CD to give away too.

So tune in, enjoy the show, and think about subscribing to the station that brings you the best music, and score yourself a couple of CDs.

Check back here over the next few days for updates. I'll keep adding to this list till right before the show.

ASIA - Silent Nation

Prog rockers ASIA are back with this new CD, with guitarist Guthrie Govan. What an incredible talent he is.

If you aren't familiar with his playing, then check out these tracks: Blue Moon Monday and Gone Too Far.

Now, it's not as extreme as some of the music I play on the show, so I hope that doesn't put you off. Guthrie's playing is just... impeccable.

Also, check out the Cornford Amps / ToneMerchants clinic material I'll be playing as well.

I've got giveaway copies too :)

The Sean Baker Orchestra - The Sean Baker Orchestra

Sean shreds from acoustic to electric. It's nice. Sidedoor Charlie is fun.

Glenn Cannon - Leverage

Local guitarist Glenn has produced a really beautiful CD here. Unlike a lot of the music I play on the show, this is lovely.

Here's Smooth on the Surface.

José de Castro - Music Guitar Box

A sublime album, full of surprises. I should play a few tracks to give you a sense of the variety. Maybe next time.

Here's I'm Heavy for your listening pleasure.

The Nels Cline Singers - The Giant Pin

Not what you'd expect. Nels plays guitar. There's not really much singing. The music on this CD ranges from jazz to almost-industrial.

Here's Square King. Don't expect the whole CD to sound like this.

Patrick DeCoste - Inside the Unsaid

Patrick released a demo CD last year just to tease us with its few tracks of unsurpassed musicality. Here's his debut album.

The thing that makes it great is Patrick's impeccable sense of composition. You never get bored listening to this CD, and you never feel like you've heard it before.

He has chops enough to impress the noodle-fans, but beyond that he has taste and restraint. I'm going to play a bunch of stuff including:
Above The Beyond, Breaking the Silence, Love in Misery, The New Millennium and Floydian Theory. Hope you enjoy these tracks!

I've got giveaway copies too :)

Al DiMeola - Casino

Ahh.... Al DiMeola, one of my favourites. Señor Mouse is just wonderful.

Gianluca Galli - Back Home

You really should listen to this whole CD. I've picked one track, Ley Line, but it makes a lot of sense to hear the whole thing.

Guthrie Govan - Cornford Amps / ToneMerchants Clinic DVD

Eye-poppingly amazing guitarist Guthrie Govan performed a clinic at L.A. guitar shop Tone Merchants earlier this year. The clinic was recorded and a DVD produced.

I'll be playing a few tracks, not sure what they're called, but prepare to be sent whimpering back to your guitar teacher and ask for a refund for not teaching you to play like that!

haha I swear I don't know how I make this stuff up...

Steve Hackett - Live Archive 04

Best known for his work in the '70s with Genesis, Steve's many achievements since then include recordings with the London Chamber Orchestra and the Royal Philharmonic.

There aren't many who can mix it up with classical music and progressive rock like he does. He's probably been overlooked since we all went gaga over Satch and Vai and their clones, unjustly so, since he can rip when he wants to and his music is satisfyingly complex, varied and interesting.

I'm going to play three tracks from a double live CD recorded in April 2004 in Budapest: Mechanical Bride, Air-Conditioned Nightmare and Firth of Fifth.

I've got a couple of giveaway copies too.

Lachlan Horne - The Time Has Come

Another very talented guitarist. The title track, The Time Has Come, is a good one, as are all the rest.

Dan Keller (Sultan of String) - Electric Storm

Another very talented player for you. Dan really rips it up. I'll play you the title track, Electric Storm.

McGill / Manring / Stevens - Addition by Subtraction

Destined to become a fusion classic, this CD features the extraordinary talents of guitarist Scott McGill and bass player Michael Manring, among others...

I'll play you a few tracks, Zimparty, Conflict Resolution and Euzkadi.

John Petrucci & Jordan Rudess - An Evening With

This live album from two members of Dream Theater is improvised over some ideas the two had been working on during a tour. Fusion-type guitar and keys just doesn't get any better than this.

I'll play a couple of long tracks, Truth and Black Ice.

Salvatore Russo & William Stravato - Contact

This is great! I love these concept albums. This one is about.... well... the track names give it away:

Doctor Frankenstein and Contact.

Joe Satriani - Is There Love In Space?

This is the new one from Joe. There are some wonderful tracks on here, I'd like to play them all but I'll stick to just four, maybe more if I have time.

I've got some copies to give away, so don't miss this show!

I'll play the title track, Is There Love In Space? as well as If I Could Fly, The Souls of Distortion and Searching.

I've got giveaway copies too :)

Joe Stump - Speed Metal Messiah

Joe's a shred monster. This is his latest CD, out on Lion Music Records. If you like your shredders, you'll love it. Here's The Killer Instinct.

Steve Vai - The Infinite Steve Vai - An Anthology

This double CD compilation has been available as an import in Australia for a little while, but now it's been officially released here.

I've got a few copies to give away, so make sure you're listening!

I'm going to play a few tracks that you might not have heard before. Actually, all the die-hard fans will have these, but for those of you with just a copy of Passion & Warfare (you know who you are!) here's a few tasty tracks:

Feathers, recorded as a promo for the Korg/Toneworks PXR4;
Kitten's Got Claws, from Whitesnake back in 1989;
Lighter Shade of Green, Alcatrazz, 1985;
The Reaper, from Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey.

I've got giveaway copies too :)

Rob Eberhard Young - Consistent Variation

This one's interesting. It's acoustic material recorded a while ago and re-issued on CD recently. Hope you enjoy Natural Man.